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Why Study in Tuscany?

Firenze e la Toscana

Tuscany is one of the birthplace of the European culture, a region with a strong identity of which its citizens are proud guardians. It also a place where hospitality and tolerance characterized local community life. In the era of globalization Tuscany wants to be a key player, It is an active centre in which creativity and quality of life are the core of society and economy and an emblem of the harmony between humans and nature thanks to the splendour of its landscapes. Tuscany is attractive under many aspects, the most fascinating is its extraordinary cultural, artistic and historical heritage, combined with a wide variety of environments. Furthermore here you can find high standards in quality of life and security, an health system that is a model for Italy and in many sectors also for Europe, important Universities and research centres. The possibilities in this territory are wide for an educational, professional an human experience.

“ARTISTIC INSEMINATION: The disobedient exhibition” an art invasion in Florence

لماذا الدراسة في توسكانا؟

A Unique History

Economic excellences